Last updated : 08 August 2004 By Editor

"Any player has a lot to prove coming here and I'm no different. But once the fans see that I am prepared to spill blood for this club I know I won't have a problem,'' says Smith. "I always give it everything when I am on the pitch and I have no intention of changing that just because I am at a club where they have some of the best players in the world. I have come to United to learn and become a better player, but my overall style has got me where I am so I see no reason to change that. I show aggression and commitment when I play and I think the fans like that because it shows you are trying even though things might not be going your way.

"I signed for United because I want to win trophies - and I am going to give it everything to make sure that dream comes true.

"There was only ever one place I wanted to come when I decided I was leaving Leeds and it was Old Trafford. I know the history between the fans and people say I have shown courage to make that decision.

"But that should show to everyone at United the kind of person I am. I want success - and I am confident when the fans see me giving it everything they will accept me.

"I saw on the trip to America that United have got players who are a different breed to others in that they are driven to win. Every week and every season they want to keep the high standards and that is something that made me want to come here because I share that desire to win and be successful when I play.

"I know from playing against them in the past that every game at United is a big game. Every time any team plays against Manchester United they want to beat them.

"That's a credit to the club because they are a big scalp for everybody.

"I really enjoyed the USA tour and the lads have made me feel very welcome - it's been great from the minute I signed.

"I always wanted to get here and just get started - but I know I won't truly feel like the rest of the players here until I have won something and that's my aim."