Last updated : 15 January 2007 By Editor

“The important thing is for us to do our job. This is another one on our list of games. We now have 15 left. We want to go to Arsenal and get the result we want. That is the only thing we can think about."

“It is good for Carrick and Park as well to get goals. We now have quite a few scorers in our ranks, which is pleasing. We are just waiting for Gary Neville to come up with one.

“The good thing is we are creating chances and scoring goals.”


“It is a big weekend with Chelsea taking on Liverpool. It will be interesting and people will talk it up but it won't decide the title. However, we are going there to win. We expect to win our away games.

“It is a tough game and will be huge, we go there expecting to win it and if we don't we will be disappointed.

“There are going to be ups and downs for the rest of the season but as long as we continue to win our home games then we have a chance.