Last updated : 28 January 2007 By Ed


"I want to get back in and perhaps I can give Fergie a nudge!

On United's squad:

"When you talk about old players, you think of Giggs, Scholes and Gary Neville. But whatever anyone says 32 is not old at all.

"If they look after themselves the peak is 28 to 34. They have vast experience to go with the fitness levels.

"Scholes and Giggs know what it takes to win trophies and that must help the Rooneys and Ronaldos.

"Two years ago it was United who were going through the transitional period. Alex had to start again and build the team around the likes of Rooney, Ronaldo, O'Shea, Fletcher.

"Now they are back challenging. The confidence the younger lads will get will be so beneficial that United will be thinking they can go on and do this time and time again.

"They will be looking to dominate for the next 10 years. Fergie won't let them slack off.

"The likes of Scholes and Neville have the mentality that once they have won something, they are even hungrier to go out and do it again.

"They won't be happy to have the Champions League once and the Premiership five times. They want more and more."

On Chelsea:

"Mourinho had so much success with a rigid 4-3-3 but then all of a sudden he has changed it and it doesn't suit them.

"Losing William Gallas was a massive blow and Robert Huth did a good job last season.

"They didn't have many injuries at all but this season has been totally different.

"They are in transition and it just shows it takes time for players to adapt. Ballack and Shevchenko have taken time to adapt.

"It doesn't matter how good they are, they need time."