Last updated : 23 August 2004 By editor

The Dinamo players were fined a week’s wages for refusing to go on a five-day training retreat in Breaza, a village outside Bucharest.

Coach Ioan Andone was not best pleased: "They earn a lot of money and this is their job, so they must be ready to make the sacrifices."

"They are thinking like children, they can’t understand that if you want to play your best, you must forget about everything: your family, children, even your wife. I was in the same situation as them in my career, but I never said anything or complained."

Regardless of Andone's protestations the players got their way and instead of the five-day break, the team went to their usual retreat in Saftica on Sunday morning, and then went to Breaza for one day.

Club director Cristian Borcea has levied a £3,000 on each of the mutineers saying: "They are stupid mercenaries and they will be punished harshly".