Ronaldo Feeling Sad

Last updated : 22 August 2007 By Editor


"I didn't give a head-butt. I didn't do anything to get sent off. I'm not an aggressive player and the TV images show that I didn't want to do anything bad. But when they want to do something bad to you they succeed. When someone wants to prejudice someone else they always arrange something to do that. But for now I want to think positively and concentrate on the Portuguese national team.

"I'm feeling sad not being able to play for United and it is so frustrating, particularly when we are not able to win right now.

"But I'm optimistic and I have confidence in United, even though the beginning to the season is bad. But the situation will change soon and we will be positive.

"What most disturbs me in all this is that it will be my team that is greatly disadvantaged because I can't play in three games. I feel down, especially as this season's start for Manchester United is not going as we hoped and I wanted to be able to turn the situation around. I want to return to the team as quickly as possible to help Manchester United to start to make up the lost points. I don't like training without playing. God willing we will be champions again."