Rooney attitude angers hard-working, professional team-mates

Last updated : 06 August 2013 By Denzel

Senior United players are reportedly furious Wayne Rooney has undermined preparations for the new season by persistently telling David Moyes he wants to leave.

That is one of the mitigating circumstances around Rooney's omission from the squad for AIK Stockholm, along with a "shoulder injury" he allegedly picked up in a behind-closed doors friendly with Real Betis on Saturday.

United said Rooney would not be travelling just hours after they turned down an improved £30million approach from Chelsea - £25m down payment with £5m in add-ons.

Rooney reputedly told Moyes he had hurt his shoulder on Saturday and would not be able to play. Sources at the club believe that it is Rooney's motivation that is hurt. A group of senior players in particular and Moyes have grave hesitations about Rooney's attitude, which is detrimental to squad morale in preparation for the new season. This lackadaisical & unmotivated Rooney has understandbly irked the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Ryan Giggs and Patrice Evra while the rest of the squad are working hard and pulling together for the new manager.

Wayne hurt his shoulder in a fall during a match on Saturday," Moyes told the club's website. "It's not too serious and I don't expect it to keep him out for too long. "I'm disappointed he's missing the game because we were keen to get him back involved and ready to play." With United's huge fan base already turned against him and the players now unhappy, it seems that Wayne has a lot of hard work to do to to curry acceptance from his team-mates if he is to stay.

Of course, this Rooney incident has a precedent.

Fans will also remember in 2010, when he angled for a move, questioning the clubs ambition, and throwing his toys out of the pram in public fashion.

Ironically, when Rooney gets what he wishes for (top quality players like Van Persie) to keep up with this 'huge' ambition he harbours, he is disgruntled & "angry & confused", to coin a recent phrase. 

He is 'angry & confused' by Moyes's insinuating that he is a back-up player to Van Persie.  It's because he is no longer top-dog. 

Last season, Rooney turned in an enormous amount of unmotivated & ineffective performances. This on £250,000 a week!!

Instead of buckling down & PROVING himself as the top earner at the club, he prefers to whinge about being angry & confused & feeling that he no longer has anything to prove after 9 seasons at the club.  


And Fans are currentling struggling to remember when that was!