Rooney- I must prove my commitment to fans

The 25-year-old last Saturday made his first appearance since the week-long contract saga in October, which at first seemed set to herald his exit from the club.

Rooney received a mixed reception upon his introduction against Wigan, indicating there are still some who do not believe the striker acted properly in his relations with the club.

Once again, there was no apology from Rooney. But he has vowed to do everything in his power to make the United fans love him again.

Rooney said on ITV: "Not all the fans are going to want to be singing my name all the time or going to want to be cheering me all the time and I fully accept that and understand that. But I have to go out and prove to the fans that I am here to stay and I want to work and I want to win things at this club.

"Only I can say how I feel and I know 100% it was nothing to do with money."

Source: PA

Source: PA