Rooney matured after outburst

The 26-year-old was hit with a two-game ban for reacting furiously when a lens was pointed at him during a match at West Ham in April 2011. That match also showed the best of Rooney as he scored a hat-trick but, having always had a reputation for hot-headedness, he has done his best to tone down any excesses since.

Rooney told talkSPORT: "I honestly don't think I would put myself in that situation again because it has cost me playing games. I don't really want to miss games. I feel I have matured as a player and a person. You never say never, of course, because football is an emotional game, but I'd like to hope it won't."

He added: "That was the biggest moment where I realised that was wrong and stupid and I need to change. I have tried to do that and feel I have."

Rooney, who joined United from Everton in 2004, has now spent 10 years playing in the top flight.

As he looks ahead to the next decade, he hopes to remain at Old Trafford for as long as possible. Rooney made a transfer request two years ago but now considers that a big mistake and has also brushed off further speculation over his future in recent weeks.

He said: "Hopefully still here at Man Utd. That's the aim, the plan and what I want to do. As long as this club wants me, I'll be here and trying to be successful."

Of the latest rumours concerning his career at United, he added: "I saw that but I didn't think anything of it.

"If the manager didn't want me around, I'm sure I'd be the first one he'd tell. That stuff you have to deal with, but if I'm wanted at this football club, I'll be at this football club as long as possible."

Source: PA

Source: PA