Last updated : 21 June 2004 By editor

"Nothing has changed with regards to my feelings about Wayne Rooney," said Kenwright. "As for a £50 million bid for him, well, there's only one person who makes that kind of decision. Not Bill Kenwright, not the Everton board, but the Everton manager. I know very well how the manager feels. David Moyes is anxious to conclude negotiations with Paul Stretford [Rooney's agent] to secure a five-year contract.

"It's up to the manager. I talk to David Moyes every day and we talk about Wayne Rooney in an England shirt, but I also talk to him about Wayne Rooney in an Everton shirt."

Moyes himself told the News of the World: "Everton are one of the biggest clubs in this land." insisting that Rooney had not grown too big for Everton -

"Of course Everton are big enough for Wayne Rooney. Keeping Wayne Rooney at Everton is vital for us, but we have no reason to believe there is a problem. We understand that if Everton are not successful in the future then Wayne Rooney might want to seek pastures new."