Last updated : 29 June 2004 By editor

What about Beckham coming back to United?

"David Beckham is a very proud boy. I think he does not even want to return to Manchester. Real Madrid has had a poor season. For him that will be a reason to stay in Madrid. He wants to be a huge success, he does not want to leave Madrid as a loser.

"I could imagine that Chelsea will have a go to try and sign him. But he won't do that. He would much rather stay in Spain. He won't accept the fact that he is sent away somewhere. For Manchester United it is not disastrous if he does not come back here. Bryan Robson left, Eric Cantona left. Other players have filled their boots.

"This club is much bigger than any player you can name. The day I don't live up to the expectations anymore, I will be replaced by somebody else too. There is no point moaning about that, it is reality."

In light of their spending, are Chelsea serious title rivals?

"They already are taken seriously - Manchester United has a totally different vision, but I do respect Chelsea. They try to buy a winning team. And they prove it is possible. Football is all about winning matches, That's why I think we should respect the way Chelsea run their club now. Looking at the past we all know that a team has more success when you build it up. But Chelsea need instant success. Buying players is the best option."

Were you surprised when Arjen Robben signed for Chelsea?

"I don't understand his decision. He was here to visit the club for a day. He really wanted to sign for this club. But when United and PSV Eindhoven couldn't agree a price, he moved to Chelsea. I could never do that. As a player you have to decide who can sign you. At his age money should not be the big issue. The money will come later. He has huge talents, he should decide for himself where he wants to play. Robben gives me the impression that he is grown up, he should have had more patience."