Last updated : 01 April 2004 By Editor
Van Nistelrooy:

“People often try to compare both of us but I think it is
difficult as we are a very different type of player. I feel
closer to David Trezeguet, who is a more typical number
nine. On the pitch Thierry is everywhere and that's what
makes him special. He is a really versatile player.

“Thierry is the complete striker and Arsenal’s key man. I
say that about him because he is an incredible athlete,
which allows him to be everywhere on the field.

“Before each game I like to go and see the opposing
forwards, shake their hand and wish them good luck. I’ll be
doing that with Thierry this weekend. I think we strikers
are a race apart from everyone else.

“Vieira is all over midfield. I think of him as a powerful
leader and also a very good footballer. If you sum up
Arsenal, you can say Vieira, Henry and Robert Pires are the
heart of the team.

“Those three are the ones who make the difference for
Arsenal and elevate them above the rest of the sides they