Last updated : 26 April 2004 By Editor

From The Mirror:

"We haven't played that much together but there is already an understanding there and I'm excited by that.

"Louis is the perfect kind of partner for me because he drops deep and causes defenders all sorts of problems.

"In that respect he's very similar to Yorke. I watched Cole and Yorke on TV when I was in Holland and they were a fantastic partnership.

"Like Yorke, Louis is strong in his upper body, has great strength and turns sharply, which makes it difficult for defenders to contain him.

"I'm convinced our partnership will get better and better the more we play together and there's definitely something to build on.

"We'll have to work on getting it right and us playing in a way that will make it a real ordeal for defenders to try to stop us.

"Louis and I are both goalscorers but, if anything, I think he can help me score even more because defenders have two men to worry about now rather than just one."