Ryan Shawcross set to return to Manchester United

Last updated : 22 October 2012 By DSG

Ryan Shawcross has become one of the top English center halfs since helping Stoke City in their promotion in 2008. Having started his career at Manchester United ? he was allowed to join Stoke City on loan and to join a future permanent basis due to the presence of Gerard Pique in the United camp.

However, Pique would soon move back to Barcelona due to feeling 'homesick' and Ferguson has been left to rue the sale of Shawcross ever since.

Ferugson said: ?It always greives me when I have to release a young player or great potential ? and Shawcross certainly fell into that category.?

?This was the era of Gerard Pique and we kept him at Ryan's expense, only I didnt know that Gerard was growing homesick, and soon after he was telling us he wanted to back to Spain.?

?If I knew he wanted to away, then we would have kept Ryan Shawcross.?

The Potters captain was rewarded for his fine early season form this season with a call-up to Roy Hodgson's England squad for the World Cup Qualifier games against San Marino and Poland respectively.

Manchester United have a clause in Ryan Shawcross' contract. The Red Devils have first refusal on Ryan Shawcross ? meaning Stoke have to inform United on any bids lodged in for Shawcross ? as well as having first option to sign the player if Stoke wish to sell him or his contract expires.

The question remains whether or not Shawcross will want to return to the club that sold him 4 years ago. As a young, athletic center half with a future at international level ? he may not need United to continue his impressive career.

Source: DSG

Source: DSG