Safety Fears

Last updated : 04 November 2007 By Editor

The Indie:

As if Arsenal's late equaliser had not been enough to turn his face puce, Sir Alex Ferguson was left apoplectic by the actions of the home fans around his bench. He did not hold back in a verbal assault that put Arsenal's proud new stadium firmly in the dock.

"Our own bench were getting terrible abuse from people two or three feet away," the Manchester United manager fumed. "There is a lack of security here. It is absolutely disgraceful the abuse you and your staff take.All sorts of things are screamed and shouted at you. There is an absolute danger her

Arsenal reply:

Stadium security is of the highest importance and Arsenal Football Club feel there is ample stewarding around the dugout area," said a spokesperson.

"However, the club does recognise that some exchanges which takes place can be of an aggressive nature, and there was an incident this afternoon where one supporter was ejected.

"As a club we do expect a certain level of behaviour.

"There is also CCTV which monitors the area which our stadium management crew do review in detail after games, and if necessary the club will take further action."