Last updated : 04 January 2006 By Editor
From the Mirror:

Eight Champions League pennants were swiped from Liverpool's trophy cabinet during a stadium tour.

Robbers stole every match day flag given to captain Steven Gerrard during the Reds' incredible European Cup winning run last year. They include memorabilia from the historic final against AC Milan and semifinal with Chelsea.

Liverpool bosses are desperate to get them back. And they have offered a reward to fans who turn in the thieves if they are offered the historic items on the black market.

The flags were stolen on December 27 when a display case at Anfield museum was prised open. Liverpool said:

“This selfish act has robbed us all of the pennants handed to Steven Gerrard before each round of the Champions League.

“The eight pennants are clearly identifiable, with the date and game embroidered on all but two of them.

“With fans' help we'll find who did this, and hopefully secure the return of these vital pieces of our history.”