Last updated : 28 December 2004 By editor
Rooney will have to wait until Wednesday to see if any action will be taken over his spat with Tal Ben Haim, however Fergie knows that anything could happen.


"You never know what could happen with the FA because it's Manchester United we're talking about. They should look at the Bolton player, but we will have to wait and see on that one. Wayne Rooney did nothing to deserve being brought up before the FA, but because it's Wayne, and because it's Manchester United, then I can understand the focus”.

"But the biggest concern should be what the other player did. He was down on the ground for two minutes and he is the one that should be up before the FA, not Rooney. What he did was a disgrace and it's him that should be on a disrepute charge. He rolled around as if he was in agony.”

"All I hear about is what Wayne Rooney did. Did he punch the lad? No, he didn't. He just brushed him off."