Last updated : 25 January 2006 By Editor
From the Guardian:

Manchester United have grave fears about the prospects of Paul Scholes playing top-flight football again after confirming that he has been diagnosed
with an unspecified medical condition that has affected his eyesight.

Specialists have advised the midfielder to take five months of absolute rest, with a series of extensive tests to be carried out before they can determine whether he will be able to resume his career next season.

Scholes complained that he was suffering blurred vision in his right eye. United's doctors initially thought that he must have taken a bang to the head and was suffering from mild concussion, but it has subsequently become clear that it is a far more complex problem.

Scholes has been examined on several occasions by a specialist whom Sir Alex Ferguson described as "the best man in Manchester and someone of world renown". When nothing showed up and the problems persisted United's medical staff decided it was time to ask for a second opinion.

It is thought Scholes has had blood tests as well a brain scan, though United have not specified the precise problem other than to say he has "a medical condition affecting the vision in his right eye".

From the Sun:

Paul Scholes’ career could be over because of a serious eye problem that has already ruled him out for the rest of the season.

The Manchester United midfielder went to see a top Harley Street surgeon in London on Monday. He was told pressure behind one eye was the cause of the trouble and it would be dangerous to play football again until everything was sorted out. Even then, surgeons could tell him that future contact sport would be inadvisable.