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1985 – in footballing terms it was a different world. Back
then football was a hard game, the challenges were fierce
and you had to take your lumps. If you were kicked there was
no rolling about on the floor, you just got up and made sure
you kicked back harder the next time. Red cards were rare,
you had to practically kill someone to get sent off – unless
you were Kevin Moran and you came up against a ref wanting
to make a name for himself. Attending matches back then was
not the easy ride it has become, any red going to Goodison
for the first semi final was risking serious injury. Golf
balls with nails in them rained back and forth on the
terraces that day.

The end of that season saw three amazing Scousebusting feats
in the space of a month. United dominated Liverpool in the
FA Cup semi final at Goodison but late goals from first
Ronnie Whelan and then Paul Walsh forced a replay. At Maine
Road two superb goals from Robson and Hughes saw United
through to Wembley. In the final, Kevin Moran was sent off
against champions Everton but that only made United
stronger. Whiteside scored what is arguably the greatest Cup
Final goal and the FA Cup came back to Manchester.

These three matches are available on DVD for the first time.
Each game features about half an hour of extended
highlights. Watching the DVD the memories come flooding
back: pitch invasions, singing ‘here we go’, the pure hatred
between the football clubs of the two cities at its height,
Whiteside kicking anything that moved, Robson at his
dynamic, driving best, Hughes strong and mean upfront,
McGrath sublime and cool at the back, Strachan busy in the
midfield, Atkinson with all his jewellery and a time when
winning the FA Cup meant so much to Manchester United.

Relive the goals; the crunching tackles (particularly in the
semi final replay where Whiteside, Beglin and McDonald were
lucky not to be arrested for assault never mind sent off)
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