Last updated : 25 January 2006 By Editor

"It should be another night full of emotion. It isn't just a game against Blackburn, it's fundamentally about making it to the final in Cardiff. When you are so close to your target, you never want to miss your chance.

"We showed great desire to win against Liverpool and we'll have the same attitude on Wednesday night.

"Rio's goal represents what Manchester United is all about in terms of our winning instinct and desire. We never give up, particularly at Old Trafford and always fight for the victory.

"We never fear anyone, no matter what team comes to Old Trafford. Fear is not in the dictionary of football for us. We have a lot of respect for Blackurn, they're a good team with a good manager.

"They've been doing very well and come into the game on the back of some good results and performances but we're close to achieving one of our major goals of the season and we don't want to miss this opportunity. We want to win the trophy."


"Blackburn are a strong, physical team who are very hard to beat. They'll be aiming to make it a difficult night for us, but difficulty can come in many shapes and forms and sometimes you can make it hard for yourself.

"Our attitude and intent to win the match has therefore got to be paramount. It's a good opportunity for us and we'll play a strong team who will hopefully get us through. After a great result against Liverpool on Sunday, we must make sure we win against Blackburn. It'll be a hard game but another 1-0 win will do me fine."

On Blackburn’s Pedersen:

"We saw him play and had some good reports on him, but at the time we didn't think he was what we wanted because we'd just signed Ronaldo and we also had Giggs and Richardson coming through.

"Sometimes that happens, you may see players who take your eye but you might be already overloaded in that particular position. So you don't anything about it.

"The boy seems to have made his reputation against us. He's a good striker of the ball with two good feet and his goal at Ewood Park in the first leg was absolutely fantastic. We'll need to be aware of him on Wednesday night."

Mark Hughes:

"As a player I always used to think deeply about the game and I picked up little things from working under managers like Sir Alex, Ruud Gullit and Glenn Hoddle.

"This time last year we were struggling, but a lot of hard work has gone on since. Not only on the pitch but off it, where we've made a lot of changes, including things to do with preparation and organisation. Hopefully we are now starting to reap the benefits. We don't have a massive fan base and are punching above our weight, but we set our ambitions a bit higher than mere survival and are aiming for a top-10 finish.

"I've introduced a no-excuses culture. [Fergie take note] We had disciplinary problems we needed to address and we've done so.

"Last year I was always pleading innocence but the stats didn't back up what I was saying. Some people took it with a pinch of salt, but I think we are succeeding in changing people's minds. People who have seen us in recent games know we are a team that attempts to play football."

"Confidence is as high as it could be and we're going to Old Trafford, where we've already won in the Premiership this season, without any fear or apprehension even. We just have to stick our chests out and have a go."

Robbie Savage:

"I get fed up with being seen as the bad guy whenever there's an incident, but any fair-minded person can see I've been more sinned against than sinning recently. I won't change the way I play, though. This game is one of the biggest of my career because it gives me the chance to play at the Millennium Stadium one more time.

"United will be favourites but we're going there believing because they still haven't beaten us in the league or cup this season.

"The manager appreciates me and what I do, but when I didn't play well for a spell Mark dropped me and it was the real kick up the backside I needed."

Ruud van Nistelrooy:

"It would be great to get to a final. We have done really well in the tournament this season and hopefully we can follow it up with a place in the final and give ourselves something to look forward to at the end of February.

"We have to win cups, therefore, every one is important for us to win; that is what we want to achieve. It would be great to win the League Cup but first we have to get there."