Last updated : 19 January 2003 By Editor

From The Observer

Lothar Matthaus - football’s most popular man is Euro front page news again after an Austrian paper revealed his 20-year-old girlfriend was actually only 17. Lothar, 41, immediately dumped Giulia Kotscherga, who fled to stay with her grandma in Kiev. 'I am so so sorry that I didn't tell Lothar how old I was,' Giulia sobbed to Bunte magazine, 'but I was so afraid he wouldn't want me .'

Lothar - who took Giulia to Mauritius for New Year - told Bild : 'She seemed so much more mature.' But ex-Playmate and ex-girlfriend Ulrike Klaeger, who was 25 when they met in 2001, says Giula's better off out of it. 'He's not worth it. He cannot be faithful. And the sex with him wasn't that great, anyway.' 'What a blow for Lothar!' reckons Bild . 'And until now the ex-Germany star had been such a hero for all women!'