Last updated : 09 August 2004 By Editor

Shareholders United spokesman, Oliver Houston said: "We are already the biggest sports franchise in the world and there is nothing that Mr Glazer or any other potential buyers can bring to the table. They will not plough money back into the club as they might claim but they will take it out to pay back their creditors.

"Shareholders United rejects any notion of a so-called friendly takeover of Manchester United by Malcolm Glazer, Cubic Expression and others that has been rumoured in the press.

"Speculation, spin and shadowy deals do nothing to inspire confidence and simply make us more suspicious of the various profiteers circling our club.

"If any shareholder wants to talk to us or donate their shares to the fans' collective pot then they know where to find us.

"It is important that people are not fooled into believing that there would be any new money in a takeover.

"Neither Malcolm Glazer, nor Cubic Expression have the resources to play sugar daddy.

"Predators just want to buy the exclusive rights to exploit loyal fans through increased ticket prices and by piggy-backing on United's rising popularity in the United States and the Far East.

"Fans won't let the club be used in some get-rich-quick scheme by an outsider. That is why 10,000 supporters have already joined Shareholders United and why we hope thousands more will follow."