Last updated : 18 January 2006 By Ed

From the Super Soaraway Sun:

Eric Cantona says Manchester United have lost their soul and the players are a bunch of SHEEP.

The Old Trafford idol reckons the days of maverick entertainers like him and George Best are gone. And he fears the Red Devils are betraying their past by putting out boring, functional teams:

"With Glazer and the departure of Roy Keane I am worried. I have the feeling that the club could lose its philosophy. That would be a pity now we've entered the age of making players like sheep.

"You could express yourself at United and you were loved for who you were. United were the club that gave me my freedom. The death of George Best could coincide with the death of the soul of a unique club. United were capable of recruiting the Bests, the Keanes and the Bobby Charltons - the more balanced sorts - and of respecting each man's difference."