Last updated : 15 December 2004 By editor

Siddy just don't have any money to spend so they are trying to offload Anelka and want £20 million plus for Wright-Phillips - shyeah right!

But check this out, because they haven't even finished paying for Anelka they want a premium on his price YCNMIU.

"If a bid comes in for Nicolas then, after speaking to the board, I will speak to Kevin Keegan," stated city chairman Wardle.

"I wouldn't expect a manager to say 'yes' to that but, if there was a bid of substance worth taking, then I would talk to the board and I would put the reasons why to Kevin. We still owe some money for Nicolas, so it would have to be well above that figure, obviously. There's no bid on the table at present."

Asked about loveable Nic's desire 'to play for a big club' Wardle responded thus:

"Nicolas has apologised for anything that might have been mistakenly taken out of context from the French press," said Wardle. "We are a big club and Nicolas has said he accepts that and said he is sorry to Kevin Keegan."

Christ on a bike!! With lies like that Anelka will soon be winning the bitters over again.