Last updated : 20 January 2004 By editor
Fergie talks to GMR about the foundations that Sir Matt laid for our club.
"Matt was a fantastic man," Ferguson said

"He was one of the people I wish I had met earlier in my life. When I first came down here he was a great influence. He gave me help and time when I needed it the most. Everything that has happened at this club, the foundations were laid by Matt Busby."

"Matt Busby's legacy to this club is that he produced a formula which Manchester United will stick to forever more," said Ferguson.
"He gave young people a chance."

United won the FA Youth Cup under Busby five years on the trot from 1952 and again in 1964.

Busby was at Old Trafford the day Ferguson's side ended United's 26-year wait and lifted the championship trophy again in 1993. Ironically it was on what would have been Busby's 90th birthday that the club lifted the European Cup again with their thrilling 2-1 win against Bayern Munich.

"Matt came to United at a time when they couldn't even use the stadium," said Ferguson.

"He resurrected the team to win the FA Cup and then won the league title with a team that will forever be part of footballing folklore. Then after Munich he rebuilt again to win the European Cup within 10 years. That is a phenomenal achievement in any shape or form and all the time he was producing young players."

"It makes me very proud that a fellow Scot should have laid such foundations before I came to the club."