Last updated : 13 August 2004 By Editor
Mikael Silvestre doesn't think Chelsea will have the close-knit team spirit needed to win the Premiership despite spending £88 million on players this summer. He said:

"Even if you buy top international players, you need a spirit in the dressing room.

You don't get that in one month even if you are living and working together 24
hours a day, seven days a week.

"We have been there before. We all know each other and we have a great spirit and hunger to win this title.

"Chelsea proved last season they are capable of challenging Arsenal and
ourselves for the title. But they've got a new team again so they have to work
hard again under a new manager.

"All our players have that hunger to win. That's why they're playing for
Manchester United."

He thinks Wednesday night was an ideal example of United's players showing
their togetherness

"You have to show spirit when you are playing in adversity, against injuries and
bans and everything else.

"We have been missing a lot of players but that's when you show how good you are."