Last updated : 20 January 2003 By editor

Forlan was pleased with his strike, but said it was all down to Veron’s visionary pass.

"Sebastian Veron gave me an exact pass into the heart of the area and when I reached the ball I didn't hesitate a second and hit it as hard as I could."

"It was spectacular, scoring in the last minute and that my goal helped to win a very important match, I am really very happy. You can imagine, we were all really happy because if we had drawn and Arsenal won on Sunday we would have been seven points behind them."

Forlan replaced Ruud van Nistelrooy and the Uruguyan added that he and Ruud get on well:

"We have an excellent relationship we always sit together on the bus and we talk a lot. He is one of the players with which I have a big relationship with, as I also have with Veron."