Last updated : 27 January 2004 By editor
“We keep hearing that John Magnier and JP McManus are powerful businessmen who are not to be trifled with,” said IMUSA chairman Jules Spencer.

“We may ‘only’ be supporters but, as Rupert Murdoch found out when he tried to buy our club, we will not be messed about either. We have a powerful voice and it should not be ignored. United fans made their feelings clear at Northampton on Sunday and will continue to do so until this matter is resolved. When we want questions answering we ask them. All we are getting at the moment is a personal vendetta and a dirty tricks campaign whose sole purpose appears to be dragging the names of Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson through the mud. It is not acceptable. If Magnier or McManus have issues they want to raise, they should be brave enough to raise them in public, not through the media. Otherwise, they should leave our club alone. As far as we are aware, neither man has any real connection to United and the longer this situation drags on, the more fans will want to ensure they have nothing to do with our club.”

“Our message to them, or indeed any potential suitors, is ‘United are not for sale’.”