Last updated : 12 August 2004 By Editor

OGS: "After starting the pre-season, it seemed clear to me that it was not possible to become 100% fit, and you need to be that to play for Manchester United.

"Of course this was not what I wanted. But it didn't come as a great surprise to me either."

Solskjaer added on his website, "I would like to thank everyone who has sent me an e-mail hoping for a quick recovery."

Paddy Crerand: "It doesn't look good at all. I don't want to talk about his career being over, but that is the impression you sort of think. I feel sorry for Ole first and foremost because of the pain he is going to have to go through. But also for the fans who have watched him be a great player down the years. He's such a big hero with all the United fans. Obviously the European Cup final capped it off, but he was a big hero before that. He's also a very popular player with the manager. He must be a manager's dream to have a player like Ole. Maybe he's argued somewhere along the line, but he just plays and you get the impression he wouldn't argue anyway.

"He's a model pro and a great fellow as well. There are people in football who are not very nice people. Sometimes you'd want this sort of thing to happen to them. But, unfortunately, it also happens to the nice people in the game. Ole is one of the nice guys. I'm looking at it from the worst scenario. But if Ole was 21 or 22, you wouldn't be so bothered. If it was like Wes Brown you would be thinking 'he can get over it'. It's a pain in the backside going through it all, but eventually he'll get over But when you are 31 or 32, it's very difficult to get over it. With van Nistelrooy and Louis Saha out injured at the moment, it would have been good to have Ole to come in to play alongside Alan Smith."