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"We have been waiting now for over two weeks and that is not helping the player. Rio is handling the situation very well.

"He has got a great temperament and I just hope it continues that way."


A spokesman on behalf of the three-man commission, which was headed by Barry Bright, said: "The independent commission can confirm that United requested written explanations of the verdict into the Rio Ferdinand hearing on Tuesday, December 23.

"The commission and its legal support has worked extensively throughout the Christmas and New Year period to prepare a 32-page document detailing complete explanations to the reasons for the verdict.

"The document has been finalised by the commission's legal team and is now with the three-man commission for their final approval over the course of this weekend before submitting the papers to Manchester United early next week.

"Clearly it has been imperative to ensure this document clarified all of the facts and this position has been reached within five working days since United made clear their wish to receive such written explanations."