Last updated : 18 August 2004 By editor

I would like to think that what we saw from Chelsea was a one-off. It's been a long time since I've seen a big team who have gone 1-0 up at home decide so consciously 'That's enough' and just sit back like Jose Mourinho's players did.

‘From the moment Chelsea scored, and particularly in the second half, they were interested only in keeping United out. Their midfield was stationed about 20 yards inside their own half and didn't put in a tackle until United reached that area.

‘We certainly don't want to see this the whole time. You might get winning football but we are here to be entertained. The British public wants to see teams attacking and that sort of football is why sponsors give us the most money in the world. If we go down this road, the money might end up somewhere else.

‘I heard people saying that United should have been able to get in behind Chelsea but it was impossible for them do that. Chelsea's midfield was defending deep and the back four were another 15 yards back, which was near enough the 18-yard box. That leaves no space behind.

‘United tried to find an answer. Quite often they pushed John O'Shea forward to drag Claude Makelele back and leave Paul Scholes and Eric Djemba-Djemba two against one with Lampard. But Chelsea were happy to let Scholes pick up the ball and started pressurising him only when he came forward. Then, when the ball went to O'Shea, it sometimes broke down or he didn't have enough to make things happen.

‘The only area where United might have done better was with their crossing. They tried to get crosses in but not from the "David Beckham area", which is about level with the 18-yard box. They were coming from 20 yards deeper and that is much easier to defend against.’