Last updated : 11 January 2006 By Editor
The Sun reports on Joe Cole and Keeley Hazell – last heard of as being involved in a tug-of-lust between Kieran Richardson and Anton Ferdinand.

Joe Cole fled in terror after being battered in a drunken brawl over busty Page 3 girl Keeley Hazell. Chelsea’s Cole, 24, was set on by a love rival as he chatted up Keeley at a party.

He ran bleeding, bare-chested and shoeless to a South London cab office. A witness said: “He was covered in blood and bruises. It was a right beating.”
Cole was so badly beaten he was almost unrecognisable.

The £60,000-a-week Chelsea midfielder climbed out of a WINDOW at 5.30am to escape his rival for 34DD beauty Keeley, 19.

Cole turned up at a nearby minicab office covered in CUTS and BRUISES and dripping BLOOD.

His SHIRT had been ripped off in the struggle and he had lost his SHOES. He also had no MONEY or PHONE.

A worker at Far and Near Minicabs in Grove Park, South East London, said: “Joe was in a right state. No one recognised him at first. He looked more like a yobbo than a millionaire soccer star.

“He’d got bloody marks on his face and body. He had obviously been in a fight and come off worst. He was only wearing jeans and no drivers would take him.

“Eventually one agreed on condition he got cash from his dad as soon as he arrived.”

Cole went out after the Blues’ 2-1 win in the FA Cup against Huddersfield Town.

At the Embassy club in London’s West End he and club captain John Terry joined West Ham players including Bobby Zamora and Anton Ferdinand.
They partied with Page 3 girls Keeley, Lauren Pope, Nikkala and Nicola T.
Cole, Ferdinand and other friends then went back to Keeley’s semi-detached home in Grove Park.

Former hairdresser Keeley had made no secret in the past of the fact she fancies diminutive Cole.

They were chatting closely when another guest butted in. A source said: “It all went off. It was late and everyone had downed a few drinks. Joe and Keeley were getting on well but another admirer copped the right hump about it.

“He went ballistic and had Joe for breakfast.”