Tempting Fate?

Last updated : 07 October 2007 By Editor

From The Supersoaraway Sun:

"The boss has rescued me for the simple fact that he kept on believing in me and showing his faith in me when I missed important game after important game.

"I know that he could have let me go and it's true that the horrible spiral of injury after injury did cause tension between us.

"But just when I thought I'd never break the cycle of getting back from one injury and immediately sustaining another one, he would shore up my morale by showing his belief in me no matter how many crucial spells of the season I missed."

"The last 12 months have been the worst of my entire career and could have broken me.

"But I'm a much tougher man inside than people might think and, instead of going under, I decided to fight.

"It's only been for the last two months that any of my self-belief and confidence came flooding back because that was when I could jog without pain for the first time in ages.

"Now I get the chance to pay the boss and the rest of the guys back."