Last updated : 24 July 2007 By editor

The Times reports that FIFA are to decide today whether to arbitrate in the row:

'Fifa should announce today whether it will arbitrate in the row over the transfer of Carlos Tévez from West Ham United to Manchester United. The sport's world governing body met representatives of the Premier League and the FA yesterday. Manchester United are refusing to pay a fee to West Ham because they believe that the London club do not own the Argentina forward. Tévez's economic rights are owned by a third party, but he is registered with West Ham.'

The Premier League will accept any decision from the World Governing Body:

"A third party, quite frankly, as far removed from this as possible needs to sort it out," said Richard Scudamore, Chief Executive of the Premier League. "That is why it is better for FIFA to determine it. Hopefully, they can adjudicate and they can do it quickly."

"It is not a question of FIFA stepping in. The fact is there has to be a point of determination. Given we have been working with West Ham throughout this process, holding them to account for undertakings they made to us, it would be wrong to get into a determination issue between Carlos Tevez and West Ham."

The FA are more than happy to steer clear of making any sort of decision, although they are said to have a default position of banning Eric Cantona for 10 matches if pushed to do something:

An FA spokesman said: "The meeting has taken place and left with Fifa to take a decision. We are waiting to hear from them and to see what they consider is the most appropriate way forward."

The West Ham Chairman and former Right Said Fred frontman said yesterday, "There is nothing I've heard today. Fifa have to decide if they have jurisdiction over the matter and I hope so. The sooner for everybody, the better."