Last updated : 06 July 2007 By Editor

"Tevez is a wonderful player. He was the saviour of West Ham last season and now could be the man who will make United even greater champions than they already are. People expected him to be amazing straightaway when he joined West Ham but it took him a while to settle. Once he did he was amazing. So imagine what he could do in a great team like United.

"He will be truly sensational for them. This is the type of team he wants to play for. Like Brazil's Corinthians were, United are a team that will give him the great stage that he craves. He will be a success very quickly, there is no doubt about that. It will not be a problem that United have assembled so many small, skilful players. He will fit in.

"He will be the conductor of the orchestra. People talk about United not really having a tall player but I'm sure that Sir Alex knows what he is doing. He won't worry about that. There is clearly a philosophy that he is following at the club and Tevez will be a part of that.

"Tevez is like Rooney in some ways. Not just in terms of skill but in terms of hard work. He will play non-stop for 90 minutes and is a real worker. Just like Rooney. He will chase back when United don't have the ball and make life very difficult for the opposition. He'll do that as soon as the other team have the ball. When you play with big players you will only improve so I'm sure that Tevez will make the likes of Rooney and Ronaldo even better.

"The pressure on those players will be slightly less now Tevez is around. It means that if they are not at their absolute best every day there will be somebody else to win the game. United are the champions and now they can get even better. What a frightening but exciting thought. It will be very hard for the other teams now.

Dwight Yorke:

"You look what he did last season. He almost single-handedly kept West Ham up with some incredible performances.

"Now imagine what he can do playing with better players at United.

"There is a lot of scepticism over South American players in England.

"I was at United when they signed Veron and there is no doubt he was an exceptional player but it just did not work out for him.

"The difference with Tevez is we have already seen what he can do in this league and in a very difficult situation.

"He produced the performances when they were really needed. He will love it at Old Trafford. He is a typical United player, full of flair and goals."