Last updated : 31 January 2003 By Editor
The Sun reports:

Stunned Scousers slammed soccer boss Kevin Keegan yesterday after he
branded Liverpudlians car thieves.

After securing the £6million signing, he said in an interview: "I went over to
see Robbie in Liverpool. I risked getting my tyres nicked and my wheels gone
to talk to Robbie and his wife. I explained why he was my Number One choice
and why he should be joining us."

But astonished Scousers saw red when the interview was broadcast later on
Liverpool's Radio City.

Within minutes the station's switchboard was jammed with complaints about
Keegan, 51 — who drove to the city's Albert Dock in his silver BMW seven
series, worth around £60,000.

A spokesman said: "It just went berserk. We took hundreds of calls. Everyone
we spoke to was livid."

Last night irate Liverpool fans blasted their former idol over the "insult".

Mark Williams, 32, said: "Keegan was my childhood hero and he has always
been welcome in this city. But after what he said he'd better wear a tin helmet
when City play at Anfield in May. His joke may raise a laugh in Manchester,
but he's going to get some stick from Liverpool fans."

Comedian Stan Boardman said: "Kevin should know better. He brought a lot
of joy to Merseyside with his football skills, but this stereotype is outdated,
undeserved, and damaging to the people of Liverpool."

Actress Claire Sweeney raged: "What he said is an insult. Liverpool is the
best city in the world. We have the best humour, know how to have fun, and
are the most kind-hearted."

Atomic Kitten star Natasha Hamilton said: "If Kevin was that worried about
getting his tyres nicked perhaps he should hop on the bus instead."

Liverpool council leader Mike Storey also defended the city.

He said: "Home Office figures show we are one of the safest cities in the

"Kevin's much more likely to be a victim of crime in Manchester."