Last updated : 13 January 2006 By Editor
At his press conference today Fergie praised the Glazer family, to the astonishment of assembled hacks who all wondered "why on earth did he say it? He didn't have to, and it was an easily sidestepped question."

From PA:

Sir Alex Ferguson claims the Glazer family have so far proved themselves to
be "excellent" owners of Manchester United.

Malcolm Glazer's £790million takeover of the Old Trafford outfit attracted
huge controversy, with some fans so disenchanted by the move they formed a new, breakaway club - FC United - currently operating with some success in
the North-West Counties League.

Many fans were annoyed that Ferguson, who has previously indicated he sees
himself as a bridge between the club and its fans, chose to stay in his job
following Glazer's takeover.

But following the £12million dual purchase of Nemanja Vidic and Patrice
Evra, Ferguson believes the American business tycoon has backed up his plans for the club with hard cash.

While his comments are bound to be greeted with fury by those supporters who have vowed to drive Glazer out of the club, Ferguson feels the Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner has been a force for good.

"Without question, I have found the owners excellent," he said.

"They have never failed in their promises and support in what we have done.

"They have demonstrated this by their commitment to signing Patrice Evra and Nemanja Vidic."

Although the widespread opposition to the new owners has not continued
inside Old Trafford since the current season began, anti-Glazer banners have
appeared at some away games - while the temporary ice rink installed in a
United car park was daubed with similar slogans before it was dismantled
last weekend.

[Fergie clearly thought it prudent to offer up a public Glazer blowjob, than keep onside with a sizeable group of United's fans. The obvious conclusion to draw is that Fergie has either been feeling vulnerable and feels it necessary to suck up for sake of his job or he is an honourable man who always believes in telling the truth of how he sees things and likes to reply honestly to questions. Shyeah right.]