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Ronaldo and Rooney are suspended, while Scholes (blurred vision) and Park (knee) are also sidelined.

The squad should be something like this:

Van der Sar, Howard, Steele, Neville, Bardsley, Ferdinand, Pique, Vidic, Brown, Silvestre, Evra, O'Shea, Richardson, Fletcher, Smith, Giggs, Van Nistelrooy, Saha, Solskjaer, Rossi.


"The best thing we can do now is make sure we beat Burton. We have to get the right result because the tie shouldn't even have gone to a replay really. To be fair to Burton they played very well in the first game and I'm sure they'll be looking to put in the same amount of effort in the replay. But they'll be playing in a different stadium with a different atmosphere and hopefully that will be to our advantage. Their main strength is the way they work together as a team. But even if they play out of their skins, if we play to anywhere near our capabilities and play the kind of attacking football we have been doing, there should be no problems.

"An early goal would be the perfect situation for us If we can get that killer strike we can then sit back a bit and hit them on the counter-attack. They would have to come out and go for it which would leave us gaps to run into."


"It's a nice game for them. They will probably make around six, seven hundred thousand pounds out of it. In that respect it's terrific for them. But I always say in a cup tie, home advantage always gives you a great chance. It's beyond the fairytale thing, it's a matter of us winning the match. It doesn't matter who we play, we have got to win.

"We knew all about Burton. They're a good football team and very athletic too for a Conference side. I think we played the right team in the first game and it won't be far away from that team again. We watched them five times before we played them and I told our players that it wouldn't be an easy game, that they had a bit of quality, and they proved us right. They deserved a draw, no question. I think we played the right team in the first game and it won't be far away from that team again. It's straightforward. Beyond the fairytale thing, it's about us winning the match. It doesn't matter who we play, we've got to win. And we'll be going out to win on Wednesday.

"I will make some changes. I think I played the right team in the first game and it won't be far away from that team again. It gives me an opportunity to use all my squad. Keeping players happy is not easy and I think anyone with a big squad will tell you that"

Nigel Clough is treating it like any other game:

"We want to put on another good show but we're expecting them to come out with all guns blazing. They'll still have the Exeter game from last season in their minds and they'll have have been stung by losing to Manchester City at the weekend. In some ways, from our point of view it's nice there'll be missing one or two - like Wayne Rooney - but they've got they've still got such a huge squad to choose from. And it'll be interesting to see what side Sir Alex will put out. Sometimes when you've just lost a game - like the Manchester derby - the knee-jerk reaction is to play all the same players again to try to get it out of their systems. But we'll probably have to wait until 7pm to know what their team will be.

"We are doing everything that we would normally do for an away trip.

"Sometimes the players bring their sandwiches, sometimes we put a bit of food on. There will definitely be food afterwards because we have a match to prepare for on Saturday.

"I’m not a great one for team talks so I won’t be saying a lot. We will be treating it just as a normal away game.

"But I’ll remind them we’d like to see a little more of what we had last Sunday.

"Everybody has said how proud they are of us and I think everyone is surprised how much we had a go. We will try to do the same again.

Burton's Keith Gilroy:

"To be able to pit your wits against the United defenders was a great challenge and I'm looking forward to that challenge again on Wednesday. Every time I got the ball in the first match I just wanted to get forward and I'll be aiming to do that again this time round. Our main aims will be to try and sneak a goal and also make sure we keep the scoreline respectable. We've already exceded all our expectations by getting a draw in the first game, I just hope we can keep that going in the second match; it would be nice for us to look back and say we gave United two hard games.

"As a kid I'd beg my Dad to take me to Old Trafford, I never dreamed I'd get the chance to play there It'll be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm sure it'll be the best night of our careers. I always used to dream about playing in stadiums like Old Trafford but after I was released by Middlesbrough I never thought in a million years that I'd get the chance to play there. My earliest memories of following United are seeing them win the Premiership for the first time, Eric Cantona's winning goal in the 1996 FA Cup final against Liverpool and of course the Treble.

"I used to beg my Dad to take me to Old Trafford when I was younger. But living in Ireland meant it wasn't easy to get over to Manchester. My family will be making the trip this round though and they're all looking forward to it. You've just got to take it all in because it's something that will probably never happen to us again, unless we get drawn here next year of course!"

Burton keeper Saul Deeney:

"This is the biggest game of my career and will probably be the biggest I'll ever have in my life.

"To be walking out at Old Trafford, seeing the crowd and hearing the Burton fans singing your name will be amazing. I'll enjoy every minute of the spotlight while it's on me and hope it's for the right reasons. There's no reason why I shouldn't enjoy it. As long as I come off the pitch having given it my best then I'll be happy with myself.

"I'm not fazed about facing Van Nistelrooy, Saha or whoever it might be.

"You play football to play against the best players in the world and now I've got the chance to do it. Hopefully one day it will be something that I'm doing regular. Any young boy wants to play in the Premiership and I'm no different."

The Independent:

A virulent strain of FA Cup fever has got one Burton Albion player worrying about Wayne Rooney - despite the Manchester United striker being suspended for tonight's third-round replay against the Conference side at Old Trafford.

Andy Ducros played in the Premiership for Coventry City, and as a member of the same England Youth team as Rio Ferdinand he spent 10 days working with Terry Venables' squad during Euro 96. Such brushes with stardom have not prevented the midfielder from succumbing to the "Manchester United mania" that the chairman, Ben Robinson, says has swept the Staffordshire brewing town.

Ducros' concerns centre on the United shirt he swapped with Rooney at the end of the 0-0 draw at the Pirelli Stadium 10 days ago. Owning the top is not enough; he wants it autographed, framed and hung at home. But he has already passed up one opportunity to secure the signature.

"We went to Old Trafford in a mini-bus last Thursday and it was awesome, even when it was empty," Ducros explained. "We left our shirts from the first game for the United lads to sign, and we'll pick them up this week. I was told to leave my Rooney top for him to sign, but I didn't want it out of my sight. I'm just hoping I can catch up with him afterwards."