Last updated : 25 August 2004 By Editor
Wes Brown on MUTV:

“I had a needle on the [achilles] injury two weeks ago and ever since it has felt great. I started to run from the end of last week and have done some football now. Hopefully I will be back in training at the end of the week.

“The injury happened the first few days into training. I carried on thinking it might be because I had not done anything for a few weeks. Obviously it was not and we had to do something about it.

“It has not been that long - only a couple of weeks - that is the main thing. But it did my head in a bit.”

Fergie on Rio:

“We will have Rio back on 20 September but it is difficult to say whether I will play him right away.

“We can't even play him in any friendly games behind closed doors while he is suspended.

“But his mental state is great. His training has been brilliant, but he can only take part in games against our own players at the moment. We might have to wait.”

Fergie on Heinze:

“We had heard about a possible injury then I get a note from the Argentina FA this morning asking Heinze to report for the World Cup qualifiers in September. Thank you. We will see him sometime. I hope.”