Last updated : 22 January 2003 By Editor
Fergie speaking to the M.E.N. about the in form Paul Scholes.

"Goal-wise I don't think I have ever seen him have a better season. Twelve goals at this stage of the season is fantastic,

"What he is showing now is great maturity. It doesn't matter where I ask him to play like midfield on Saturday in the second half even sometimes towards the left of midfield or the right side, or up front he copes with it and does a great job.

"He is wiser and more mature. He is using his experience and is not fazed by anything.

Don't get carried away

"That's because he is a footballer. He is a terrific player and can play any position. Scholesy could even play in goal! I'm serious. He used to do that in training when we were having kick-ins.

"If you needed to put someone in goal in an emergency you wouldn't worry about Scholesy. He'd love it. He can play anywhere. He might not be that big for the crosses but he'd be brave enough to have a go for

Best of a good bunch.

"He's always been a great player. What he had at 13 and 14 he's never lost. That vision and his good feet have always been with him. He is two short of his best return of 14 goals in a season and with three months to go, and in this form, you'd have to say it's going to be his best year surely."