Last updated : 27 June 2004 By Editor

Rich Schneider of organisers, Champions World:

"United's visit a year ago was an extraordinary triumph and Americans are eager to see them again. I can't tell you how excited they are to see them again,"

"All United's matches were a sell-out last time around but there was the factor that in Seattle the club hadn't been there for years. Then in Philadelphia you had the opening of a brand-new stadium which created a lot of interest.

"But the interest is still amazing. They are eager to see United again. Even in New York where there is so much else going on the sales are as fast as last year's rate.

"There is no doubt that all United's matches over here will be sell outs again. To be honest United would sell out venues here even if they were playing themselves.

"Americans can see the Reds on TV. They are a very visible team in the States but fans want to see them live.

"Of the players who'll be involved in Champions World matches this summer we have 55 on the rosters in Euro 2004.

"For a marketing bonus you can't get better than televising Ruud van Nistelrooy's goal against Germany, Paul Scholes effort against Croatia or Cristiano Ronaldo's performances for Portugal and saying that Americans will be able to see that kind of talent on their own doorstep next month.

"Everyone is so excited about that prospect."