Last updated : 15 January 2004 By Editor
Just look what the Divs have now come up with:

The Atmosphere Action Group (A.G.G.) was formed in December 2003 by a few blues who were sick of the crap atmosphere at Eastlands.

The main aim for the group is to rebuild the singing areas what existed in Maine Rd in the North Stand and Kippax.

At the first meeting we decided we had to work with, and co-operate with the backing of the club. So far the club have been A1 in there attitude and input, but they can only do so much.

We also discussed ways of adding some colour and humour back to the fans and the new stadium. We talked about bananas, but felt that digging up the past was not the way forward.

Then one member of the A.A.G. came up with an idea. He said to create a noise we could get 1000 duck whistles and as well of sounding mad it would turn up the volume.

The next day I purchased a duck whistle and blew it. True its name it sounded like a duck. I pictured a 1000 going off at once and laughed my head off.

Problem 1. 8 quid a piece!

Problem 2. Money for 1000.

Solution 1. Make a C.D. full of new and old terrace songs with 20 pissed up blues in a recording studio.

Solution 2. Sell them with all the proceeds going to the flag and whistle fund.

So here we are... Blue Order is formed with their first album "Cool As Duck".

Of every C.D. sold for a fiver, £3 goes to the flag and whistle fund… the ball starts rolling.

The flag fund - Flags and Banners are expensive but if we all chipped in, we could have loads dressing the stadium. If people raise money we put their names on the website. Any change given to Christies Children's' Unit.

So the target is there, the rest is up to us. We also hope to purchase 2000 blue duck masks and give them out for free at one game with money raised.