Last updated : 26 January 2007 By Editor
Speaking on Wednesday night at a function at OT:

“When we started winning championships in 1992-93, I always thought it would be a dream to leave this club having won more titles than Liverpool.

“Obviously we haven't won the championship for a few years now, but we are only three behind Liverpool and it would be fantastic to think that in the next few years we could win three or four titles and overhaul them.

“When I was growing up, people of my age group will know that Liverpool were winning everything. That was hard to take. But they haven't won the championship for so long now and we have to make sure we keep that going.”

On the subject of players who didn't come to United:

“Both Ryan and myself can never understand why any player would ever turn down Manchester United for Blackburn or Newcastle. Other players we missed out on recently are Ronaldinho and Arjen Robben, but I'd have to say Shearer was the one we wish we'd got.

“I played with him in England games and he definitely had the mentality of a United player. Why he never came to United, I do not know. I can't understand that decision and I can't begin to understand what must have been going through someone's mind when they choose Blackburn and Newcastle over United.”