Too Close To Call

Last updated : 01 November 2007 By Ed
Looking ahead to the weekend's game Frank Stapleton says it's hard to split Arsenal and United at the moment.

He said: "With these so-called `matches of the season' you get asked: `Is it going to be cagey?' It isn't a case of even considering that on this occasion.

"I am not even considering whether it will be tight or whether there will be any goals in it. You just know there are going to be goals and it will be an open football match. It certainly won't be 0-0.

"It cannot really be anything else the way United and Arsenal are playing.

"It really is hard to split them at this time. I look through every department of both teams and there is nothing in it.

"You think of Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic in United's defence and how well they are playing but then Arsenal have Kolo Toure and William Gallas not conceding many.

"In midfield despite United's injury problems they still have Anderson coming to the fore and now Owen Hargreaves back plus wingers like Ronaldo, Giggs and Nani.

"Then you look at Arsenal's engine-room and you have Cesc Fabregas in sensational form scoring plenty of goals as well.

"Up front, Arsenal have Emmanuel Adebayor and others weighing in while United have Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney on fire. It is fascinating.

"It is maybe up front where United might have the edge. But if you were looking at each individual player for Saturday and marking them out of ten, I think there would be only one point in it when you add up the teams' totals."