Last updated : 02 January 2004 By Editor

"I see these players all the time and there's enough of them around.

"They're all making a good living but I don't want to go down that road. There's a lot of bullshit around footballers. Hopefully I won't get involved in that. I've done one or two adverts and stuff in my career and I'm okay with that when players have proved themselves.

"But what I've got a hang-up about is players who've only played 20 or 30 games and they're appearing in OK! magazine and doing adverts.

"I think 'You've not really done anything in football'. I feel that if they really believe they're going to be top players, the other stuff will fall into place.

"I look at some players who've had a few victories and they're bragging about it . These people generally come unstuck.

"We've had a few at United who've dwelled on success too long, but you have to move on very quickly."