Last updated : 21 January 2003 By editor
From the Sun.

DIEGO FORLAN wants to carry on stripping all the way to the Premiership title.
The Uruguayan celebrates a year at Old Trafford tomorrow .

If Forlan has his way there will be plenty more opportunities for the girls to swoon and the blokes to feel inadequate.

Forlan, 23, said: "I started taking my shirt off when they said there would be no more yellow cards for doing it. It depends on the game - but if I've scored a winner or it's an important game then I'll do it."

"I knew that it was going to take a while to settle in. I knew it just needed a goal to get me going. I was always confident of what I could do.
"Since the moment I stepped on to the pitch to say hello to them last January, the fans have been magnificent.Even when I wasn't scoring and I wasn't playing too many games they continued to sing my name."