Last updated : 22 January 2003 By Editor
Marcello Salas has denied that he is on his way out of Juventus, he said

"Someone told me this morning that on some newspaper were reported rumours of a meeting between myself and Juventus' managers in which I would have asked them to let me go.

"This is not true at all. I spent the week quietly, just training with my team-mates".

Meanwhile a very well placed and trusted media source has briefed RI on the recurring Claudio Lopez rumours.

Apparently United feel they cannot lose - either we ''pay'' for him i.e. knock it off what Lazio owe for Stam - or we will get him for free if Lazio don't pay his wages soon.

Lopez is matey with Veron, of course. Sadly, he also shares his taste in agents. Veron has at least had the good sense to fire Mascardi (3 months ago) but Lopez is still signed up to this dubious character that is, of course, under investigation in the Gregory Affair. Other allegedly dodgy deals have been mentioned in the press that involve the guy. You might think United would do better to keep their distance, especially as the FA have just signalled their intent by doubling the size of the Compliance Unit.