Last updated : 17 July 2007 By editor

The Guardian reports:

'The man who negotiates wages and conditions for some of the nation's highest-paid footballers has become the first trade unionist to break the £1m-a- year salary barrier. Gordon Taylor, the chief executive of the Professional Footballers' Association, has seen his salary jump from £611,000 to £1.15m in one year, according to the latest returns sent to David Cockburn, the Certification Officer, the union watchdog.

'Taylor, who runs one of the smallest trade unions affiliated to the Trade Union Congress, with just 3,800 members, was already the highest paid union leader. But his new pay rise nearly doubles his differential between himself and other union leaders. The previous year his salary was nearly six times that of his nearest rival, now it is equivalent to nearly 10 times that of the next highest-paid union leader.

'The PFA, 100 years old this year, represents everyone from international and Premier League players - some of whom earn £1m a month - to modestly paid Football League players and is unique in offering "wealth-management services" to its members. The PFA has assets worth £40m according to the latest returns. The union makes a fortune from its share of television fees which provides millions of pounds every year to help fund its benevolent, educational and insurance funds. Subscriptions from members come to just over £250,000 a year, compared to annual TV income of some £14.5m.'