Last updated : 27 January 2006 By Editor
Today’s Super Soaraway Sun reports that Mark Hughes had to tell Gary Neville to ‘Shut the f*** up’ so as to avoid a bust up in the tunnel on Wednesday. The Sun’s insider said:

“Neville would not stop chirping away at the Rovers players. Hughes felt this was inflaming an already-bad situation and told him so."

While Rio Ferdinand told his favourite paper:

"It was handbags," he told The Sun. "We had a little debate. It was the sort of thing that goes on all the time.

"It was nothing to get excited about, and I am sure Robbie would agree."

The Mirror reports that it was Wayne Rooney who actually calmed the situation down.

Another nameless insider said: "There was a bit of bad feeling but it was over in a flash. There was no full-scale trouble thanks to Wayne.

"There is a bit of respect between Rooney and Savage, they talk sometimes, and he stepped in to sort it all out and calm things down."