Twitter Reacts as Man Utd Finish Transfer Window With Disappointing Deadline Day

It's been a pretty frustrating window for Manchester United fans thus far. Sure, the £80m signing of Harry Maguire was completed, a world-record for a defender, but its drawn-out nature meant the announcement was met with far more relief than any kind of joy.

And, since then, a number of big-name deals, such as Paulo Dybala, have been mooted and then booted from the agenda. Oh, and then there's the whole Bruno Fernandes fiasco. Yeah, to be honest, it's a bit of mess...if only United fans had someone to direct all this anger at?

Hell, for every Bruno Fernandes - aka a signing Red Devils fans were desperate for - there was a Mario Mandzukic: a signing fans didn't want. But, naturally, that didn't stop them from moaning about it, because nothing stops anyone from moaning about everything these days.

Amid all the moaning, though, there was some clear-eyed thinking. Some solutions proffered.

To be fair to Ed Woodward (a sentence that will not result in me receiving any grief whatsoever, I'm sure), he has his reasons for these failed moves. And he's expounded on them articulately.

He also has a myriad of expert transfer tactics:

There was some respite, with the news that ​Romelu Lukaku would finally be joining Inter provoking plenty of tweets like this:

But mainly it was unadulterated (and melodramatic) despair. This is because, as you may or may not have heard, the 'club's finished!!!!'.

And to top it all off, Marcos Rojo is still at Old Trafford, leaving United with a billion centre backs. 

Robbie, I think they've had enough.

Source : 90min