Last updated : 23 January 2003 By Editor
Just for anyone thinking of giving him a good reception on Feb 9th.

Schmeichel had this to say:

'"Coming back to Manchester was the most natural thing to do. I hope I have
given something to all football supporters in Manchester. I had eight fantastic
years in the red half. City is a different place but also special."

"There has been more hard work than ever before but I am quite happy with
how I am doing at the minute. I can honestly say I have never enjoyed playing
football as much as I am doing now.

"When I played for United, games were coming all the time and you didn't
really have time to think about them or enjoy what you were doing. Here it's
different. You can think about things."

"It is always exciting to be part of something that is going forward. All the time
I have known about Manchester City they have been going up and down and
the best thing had always been the supporters here. But it's turned around
completely. We have a fantastic training ground, a manager who wants to
take the club in the top six very quickly and who is bringing in high-quality

Yes such fantastic, Munich singing supporters.